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We Support Agriculture (WSA) was founded by the Nebraska Cattlemen, Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Poultry Industries, Nebraska Pork Producers and the Nebraska State Dairy Association to defend the responsible animal welfare practices of Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers. Our mission is also supported by the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association, which represents the foremost experts in proper animal handling and care.

Our mission is to build a broad coalition of Nebraskans from across the State who will stand behind Nebraska farmers and ranchers to protect our way of life and our state’s economy, to promote the value of feeding our families by providing affordable, healthy food choices for our neighbors and the world, and to continue our commitment to acting as responsible stewards of our land and animals.

Between 1990 and 2008, animal rights activists – principally the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) – backed more than 40 ballot initiatives attacking things like Florida hog farming, Arizona hog farming and veal production, Michigan dove hunting, and Missouri pet providers. In 2008, they forced Proposition 2 in California which has dramatically increased the price of eggs, hurting most those among us who can least afford it.

This November, voters in Massachusetts will be confronted with a controversial ballot initiative, brought forward once again by HSUS, which would ban the production and sale of eggs, veal and pork from animals raised in “tight enclosures”; even enriched and colony housing would be made illegal. HSUS and activists pushing the measure contend such enclosures are used at “…factory farms” and “threaten the health and safety of Massachusetts consumers,” assertions which have no basis in food or veterinary science.

The truth is most Americans really don’t know HSUS or its agenda. In reality, HSUS is a Washington D.C. based interest group which is not affiliated with local shelters. In fact, HSUS gives less than 1% of its hundreds of millions of dollars to local Humane Societies.

HSUS has targeted Nebraska, hiring a lobbyist and state director, and conducting a push poll, an emotional form polling used to manipulate voters. HSUS portrays animal agriculture as abusive and cruel and advocates replacing meat and other animal-based foods in the diet with plant-based foods.

We believe Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers are thoughtful individuals who understand healthy, comfortable animals are more productive and how to care for them. That said, we expect HSUS and other interest groups to spend millions of dollars attempting to deceive Nebraska voters just like they have in other states.

The other side deals in emotion, not facts, and they are willing to use misinformation to their advantage. Nebraska must be ready with our own campaign to set the record straight. We hope you’ll join the conversation and support the preservation and growth of Nebraska agriculture.

Learn more by visiting our Advocacy page and donate here. In many cases, contributions are deductible as a business expense (we recommend talking to your tax professional), and all support is very much appreciated.