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We Support Agriculture (WSA), a coalition comprised of the Nebraska Cattlemen Association, Nebraska State Dairy Association, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation, Nebraska Pork Producers Association, and Nebraska Poultry Industries, Inc., represents livestock producers who recognize their obligation to provide for the well-being of their animals and to raise them in a humane and compassionate manner. The coalition continues to work to increase the understanding of and appreciation for animal agriculture and modern production practices, and to bring transparency to entities with agendas which ignore science and threaten farm families, global consumers, our way of life, and Nebraska’s economy.

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Agriculture, being the top industry in Nebraska, is vital to the state’s economic success. One out of every four jobs is affiliated with agriculture. Livestock production annually contributes billions of dollars to Nebraska’s economic well-being. Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers are responsible, caring individuals and families who utilize best practices in maintaining the welfare of their animals. Producers and consumers must be made aware of the deceptive and damaging activities of extreme animal rights groups.


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WSA has a new Executive Director named as part of our reorganization. Very Exciting!

We support our animal care experts!!

Learning about where our food comes from...!!

North American Meat Institute: Cancer Labels on Meat Products Not Warranted.


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The Humane Society's Descent Into Abolitionist Veganism. This isn't what well-meaning farmers were signing up for.

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