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Agriculture, being the top industry in Nebraska, is vital to the state’s economic success. One out of every four jobs is affiliated with agriculture. Livestock production annually contributes billions of dollars to Nebraska’s economic well-being. Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers are responsible, caring individuals and families who utilize best practices in maintaining the welfare of their animals. Producers and consumers must be made aware of the deceptive and damaging activities of extreme animal rights groups.

After you have signed the Statement of Support, WSA may contact you periodically with information regarding animal activism and other issues impacting agriculture in Nebraska.

We appreciate the support of the following individuals and organizations who realize Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers care for their animals and who want to support jobs and our state’s economy.  They encourage others to join this critical endeavor.  Together, we will ensure that out-of-state activists with an extreme animal rights agenda will not hurt Nebraska families, our way of life and our state’s economy.